Important Lesson: In A Crisis, Don’t Fake Your Command Center

With more damage already done than can ever be repaired, BP finds a way to make things worse.  Internet detectives (or really bored people) have studied the photos of BP’s Crisis Command Center and found that the photos have been altered.  Using some pretty poor Photoshop work, BP has graphically replaced information showing on some the crisis center monitors, especially those filming the cap.  See for yourself here. broke the story and now the Washington Post is piling on.

Every campaign, either for public affairs or for public office, should know that effective crisis communications are vital.  The last thing a campaign wants to do after a disaster is anything more to damage its own credibility, especially lying further to try and make the situation less of a disaster.    Altering photos for no apparent reason is a major screw up and only further reinforces the negative narrative — that it was cheating and cutting corners that caused the accident in the first place.

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