Scientometrics & The End Of Easy

Scientometrics is the study of science and the center of a thought provoking article by Sam Anderson at The Boston Globe investigating why it’s become increasingly difficult to make great discoveries in science.

Science has come a long way from the days of dropping feathers and rolling things down hills.  It’s a multibillion industry of atom smashers, 1,000 person labs,  and discoveries so game changing, it’s hard for the ordinary person to contemplate.  To put it short, the days of Isaac Newton getting hit by apples are over.

But what is the big question within all this?

It’s about innovation.   What will the future be when innovation is left to a select few who have access to the resources and knowledge necessary for success?

Parallels to politics …  At what point have we created an environment were new ideas are too hard to come by, where the simple is too simple to be received as a credible solution?  If it were ideas rather than atom smashers, would we be heading in the right direction?   Or have we already gone there?

The days of the lone candidate with a game changing idea seem to be getting shorter.  Professional politicians dominate the state level political landscape because the system has become so complex, citizens can’t run it the way the Founding Fathers intended.  The brand of grassroots innovation and evolution we have thrived on is no longer the norm.  But unlike science, we have the ability to reshape our political systems and foster an environment rich is competitive ideas. Innovation is key to our future, and access to it critical for future of our Democracy.

Read it here:  Hard to find – The Boston Globe

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