Fun Stuff Around the Web

Every week I’ll have more stories to share then time to write. Here are some links I enjoyed that are worth your time:

Most Arguments in the Car Are Over Directions, Says Survey
Nothing to do with politics, but the results are comical.

Government Spending by Another Name
Greg Mankiw explains the use of special tax rules in Congressional budgeting. This is a pretty popular practice these days and are mystery to most people. A quick, but eye-opening read.

Six in 10 Workers Hold No Hope of Receiving Social Security
Public confidence continues to drop for the long term health of Social Security. Mine bottomed out about a year ago at zero.

When Comparisons Collide With Careful Thinking
A great article on NFL concussions and Chinese suicide rates proving a valuable point about false comparisons and data manipulation. Anyone with a political science degree has heard the phrase repeatedly “causation seldom causality”. It’s funny how many times a day you see accomplished professionals twisting data to demonstrate relationships that are in no way linked to reality.

The Best Inequality Graph
Great graph created by University of Arizona Professor Lane Kenworthy demonstrating the differences in inflation-adjusted incomes of the poorest 20%, middle 60% and top 1% of American households since the 1970’s. No degree in math or stats needed to understand the graph. The take away…If the lines were closers together I’d probably own that iPad I want.

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