Links Round Up

Here some of the links I checked out this week that I thought were worth sharing.  Some fun and interesting stuff.

Do Not Vote for My Dad
John Mantooth, candidate for judge in Alabama District 21.  There’s a new attack site up against him…authored by his daughter. I’ve seen a lot of attack sites, but have to recommend following

World’s best street food
I’m a self-admitted Travel Channel junkie who often relaxes to an episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. Combining the gross with tasty, CNN rounds up the world’s finest destinations for street food. My kind of fun!

Where and Why are Businesses Closing?
Nothing is more interesting than a great infographic.  The Wall Street Cheat Sheet has visualized the economic decline to show where businesses are shutting their doors and for what reasons.

Japan: Land of the Rising Debt
Worried about Greece and sovereign debt? Well get over it and start losing sleep over Japan. It’s the ticking time bomb nobody is talking about. Japan has the highest debt to GDP of the developed world and in the near term, may be unable to continue servicing its debt.
Full Article Here
The Sleep-buster

Facebook Beats the IRS…barely
The University of Michigan’s Business School Customer Satisfaction Index has determined Facebook is one of the lowest ranked of companies measured by the index. FB ranked 64 out of 100, placing it in the bottom 5% of companies and in the same range as the IRS. Facebook ranked poorly due to privacy concerns. My question is that if people are this concerned about privacy, then how come they are signing up for public social networking sites in droves? Facebook hit 500 million users this week. If you don’t want to share, don’t sign up!  Sorry world, stalking has it’s price and we get to watch you too.

Obama’s Approval Rating Is Down in 49 States
Obama is losing ground in all states except Delaware.  Must be the tax free shopping.  Wish you had voted for McCain now?  You’re not alone. A plurality of voters believe the country would have been better off if John McCain had beaten Mr. Obama in 2008.

Hitting Up The ATM In Antartica…Imagine that bank fee.
Here’s an interview with David Widgett, VP of ATM Banking of Wells Fargo explaining the challenges of operating the world’s southern-most ATM. Yes, I seriously read this.

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